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Venture Examiner started in 2009 as a blog focused on covering and analyzing new trends in the venture capital industry. Since then the focus has shifted to include coverage of alternative means of funding, supporting and fostering innovation. I also have increasingly focused on growth opportunities in the emerging markets – an area I find myself increasingly interested in. I try to take broader perspective which means I will often take the higher-level (LP) view on these topics. Often though, I like to take the investor (VC or GP) viewpoint as well as the entrepreneur's viewpoint.

Overall, my goal is to share a unique perspective on news, data, and trends in a way that generates meaningful discussion. I have always intended this site to be a learning tool for all, myself included. I hope there is no hesitation in pointing out cases where I may be off base with my thoughts or in challenging my points of view. I welcome all inquiries and opportunities to share information.

I am currently an Assocaite with a fund of funds firm where we focus on venture capital and growth equity investments as well as African private equity. I am a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. I also have experience with a leading investment consulting firm in the same space and have worked at a software startup. I believe being at an institution where there is a huge flow of information and ideas allows for opportunities to gain unique perspectives – I hope to share some of these as they relate to the focus topics of this blog

I can be reached via e-mail at You can also follow Venture Examiner (@VentureExaminer), or subscribe to e-mail updates using the form to the right. 

I share information, pictures, music, and other things I find interesting on my Tumblr page: You can also follow me on my personal Twitter account (@aakar15).

DISCLAIMER: The content of this site reflects my thoughts only and is not affiliated with any other party. All thoughts I share are my own and do not represent the views, positions or strategies of my current, previous and any future employers or any of their affiliates. They also do not represent the views, positions or strategies of any institutions or organizations I am a member of and their affiliates. Each and every thought on this blog is my own and I am responsible for any and all mistakes. You should not rely on anything on this site for legal, financial, accounting, investment, tax, or any other kind of advice.